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Natural Stone Placement

We established since 1990, but the knowledge on the placement and building of stone in our family goes back to the early 20th century, inheriting the knowledge from generation to generation. We grows and advances both in knowledge and professionalism with the same love for the stone. Our works quality is shown in detail in some of our large projects like Aphrodite Hills, Le Meridian but also in a lot of houses and estates in Limassol. By hearing the word “stone”, new designs are born in our mind. Each project we undertake we treat it like our own property, and put all our effort and art in making it perfect.

Brings us such excitement and leads us to a creative world that gives us energy and fulfillment. When we achieve customer satisfaction and receive positive comments, we too enjoy a sense of pleasure and satisfaction. Our target is to expand our business, keep the level of quality high through the years and our goal is to keep increasing our standards.

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